Red Shepherd App

Our new mobile app allows you to monitor every transaction in real time directly from your phone. Get instant access to your payments infrastructure on the go whenever, wherever.

Login to the dashboard

See Payments in Real time, Savings, Analytics, Reports and Invoicing all in one super powerful frontend.

Your Website & Our Secure Payments Widget

Easily integrate Red Shepherd’s Payment Widget which ensures a fast, secure, simple and personalized checkout.

Woo Commerce Payment plugin

Add the Red Shepherd Woocommerce Plugin WordPress site and get secured payments in minutes on your ecommerce platform. 

Invoices, Recurring Invoices, Template Invoices, and Recurring Payments

Send customer invoices from the Red Shepherd Dashboard. Send recurring invoices on a predetermined schedule. Use invoice templates or Red Shepherd can create a customized invoice template for your business.

Pay by Card
or ACH

Red Shepherd allows you to collect all forms of credit card payments, debit card payments, and allows you to configure ACH direct debit payments. Overall you get paid out faster and cheaper than your competitors.