Transparency Redefined

Red Shepherd wants to bring transparency to the merchant services industry through innovative payment processing software solutions.

Our patent-pending technology empowers business owners to improve their visibility into their bottom line, their payment processing fee structure and their overall payment flow.

Step - 1

Customer applies at through our secure portal 

Step - 2

Once your application is approved, we onboard on to the Red Shepherd platform

Step - 3

Customer starts seeing savings while at the same time having access to the Red Shepherd’s technology, saving not only money but time

— Testimonials —

What our

Dan Forsythe

It’s in our DNA at SilverGlade Analytics to not be dependent on a single service. As for our servers which are cloud-agnostic, we wanted to be “payment service provider”-agnostic. Red Shepherd enabled us to do that the easy way.

Nile Hutchins

We see this as an important de-risking move which eliminates a single point of failure. It is reassuring for us and for our investors as we continue to scale fast. In addition to eliminating this SPOF, Red Shepherd comes with a lot of bonuses like extra layer of encryption: our payments now cost us less on average and we can accept more cards because we have five (5) PSPs (Payment Service Provider) connected to it.