The All-In-One Payment Solution

Our price optimization platform will always find you the best and lowest rate, guaranteed.

The All-In-One Payment Solution

How does it work?

Red Shepherd gives you one API that allows you to seamlessly connect to multiple processor selections without any technology or hardware changes.


Through the use of our proprietary technology, we provide the highest level of security, ensuring that no payment related information or sensitive data is exposed. Multiple encryption techniques in tandem to achieve true end to end encryption of electronic card data.


Red Shepherd's platform offers full data and process transparency by displaying live metrics of your payment data.

The real-time Payment dashboard displays approved and declined transactions and your cost savings, giving you better visibility on how your business collects payments.


We do all the heavy liftings by allowing you to connect to any processor you choose. We connect with all major payment processor platforms in the marketplace. One API connects you with any processor of your choice.

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Recurring Invoices


Recurring Payments


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Save on every transaction

The one-stop shop for developers

With one powerful and secure API source that connects you to multiple processors, You can get up and running with us in just a couple of minutes.

Our powerful algorithm optimizes, monitors, detects and routes transactions based on several conditions resulting in the most optimal result for you.

— Testimonials —

What our

Dan Forsythe

It’s in our DNA at SilverGlade Analytics to not be dependent on a single service. As for our servers which are cloud-agnostic, we wanted to be “payment service provider”-agnostic. Red Shepherd enabled us to do that the easy way.

Nile Hutchins

We see this as an important de-risking move which eliminates a single point of failure. It is reassuring for us and for our investors as we continue to scale fast. In addition to eliminating this SPOF, Red Shepherd comes with a lot of bonuses like extra layer of encryption: our payments now cost us less on average and we can accept more cards because we have five (5) PSPs (Payment Service Provider) connected to it.